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Distinguished and Famous people from Central Victoria

Ned Kelly (1854-1880)

Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger of Irish descent. He was born in Beveridge, Victoria, which is located within the Central Victoria region. Kelly is renowned for his defiance of the colonial authorities during the late 19th century. He became a symbol of resistance against the oppression of the poor Irish settlers. Although considered a criminal by many, he has become a folk hero in Australian history.

Henry Bolte (1908-1990)

Henry Bolte was the longest-serving Premier of Victoria, holding the position for 17 years from 1955 to 1972. He was born in Ballarat, a city in Central Victoria. Bolte was a significant figure in Victorian politics, overseeing numerous infrastructure projects that contributed to the region's development, including the introduction of a container port at Melbourne and the establishment of tertiary institutes.

Dame Judith Anderson (1897-1992)

Dame Judith Anderson was a renowned Australian-born actress. She was born in Adelaide, South Australia but spent her childhood in various locations across Victoria, including Castlemaine in Central Victoria. Anderson achieved great success in her acting career, starring in both theater and film productions. She was the first woman to play Hamlet in a professional production in the United States and received many prestigious awards throughout her lifetime.

Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes is an Australian former professional Australian Rules football player. He was born in Wallaroo, South Australia but grew up in Ballarat, Central Victoria. Goodes had a successful career, playing for the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League (AFL). He received several accolades, including two Brownlow Medals, which are awarded to the best and fairest player in the AFL. Goodes is also known for his advocacy against racism and indigenous issues.

John Curtin (1885-1945)

John Curtin was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, serving from 1941 until his death in 1945. He was born in Creswick, Central Victoria. Curtin played a key role in guiding Australia through the difficult times of World War II. His leadership during the war and commitment to social reform and workers' rights have earned him a prominent place in Australian political history.

Joan Lindsay (1896-1984)

Joan Lindsay was an Australian author, best known for her novel "Picnic at Hanging Rock." She grew up in Berwick, Victoria, which is part of the Central Victoria region. Lindsay's mysterious and atmospheric novel, which recounts the disappearance of three schoolgirls and their teacher in 1900, has become a cult classic. It was later adapted into a successful film and a TV series.

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